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All of us feel distress or dissatisfaction with some aspects of our life. For some this may manifest as minor areas we’d like to improve upon. For others, though, the distress may cause discomfort, confusion, fear, and may be overwhelming or even debilitating. Whatever its manifestation, our distress is there for a reason.

Through safe and compassionate discussion with your therapist, psychotherapy helps get to the roots of your underlying distress. It can help unlock the factors which have caused your mind to create protective barriers— originally designed to keep you safe from some perceived or real fear, but which over time have developed into barriers preventing you from living a full and happy life.

Psychotherapy is effective because it not only helps you identify the problems causing you distress, it helps uncover the deep-seeded origins underlying those problems. By recognizing these root causes and working to undo the ways your mind is trying to protect you from them, you gain a deeper understanding and better mechanisms for overcoming your distress and safely moving forward in a healthier way.

Whether you feel you might just need a “tweak” or a tune-up in one area of your life, you are looking to improve a relationship that’s run into issues or trying to understand a relationship you have lost, or if you are finding life overwhelming and looking for how to find a sense of hopefulness, psychotherapy can help. Understanding the sources of your pain can give you the ability to diminish your distress and find fulfillment as you move towards living a freer and richer life.

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