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There is a reason you are here. Maybe something feels wrong, and you have a clear sense of what it is and what you’d like to improve. Or, like many, maybe you feel a vague sense of unhappiness or emptiness. Something may feel unfulfilled even if by all accounts and all appearances you have a full and successful life.

Whatever brings you, therapy has the potential to ease your inner struggles. It can help you to understand yourself and improve how you feel about yourself and how you interact with and relate to others in your life. I know that for some it can be daunting to begin and you may be unsure how to find the right therapist. If you’ve come here and know that you’re looking for the relief that therapy can bring, I encourage you to set up an initial consultation to see what gains it might bring to your life.

Beginning therapy can bring you hope and relief as you discover the value of being deeply understood. You also gain a better understanding of yourself and uncover the true nature of your own distress. As you gain this understanding your difficulties will not feel so overwhelming. You will start to feel reassured that your feelings and reactions make sense. As you become less uneasy, confused, or overwhelmed you come to understand what prevents you from feeling fulfilled, contented, and grounded. If you are ready to start feeling better, please feel welcome here.

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